A more hands-on approach to your customer experience improvement

We come to your company, spend time with you getting under the bonnet of your business ensuring that the advice we give works for you.

With our help you can start the process of streamlining and improving your services to manage the expectations of your customers. Following this detailed, on-site consultation, we will create a bespoke package of customer experience services that will work for you.

  • Hands-on consultation
  • Tailored to the requirements of your business
  • Creating a personalised package of services

This initial, in-house consultation is an ideal platform for the transformation of your customer experience.

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Together, we can create outside-in customer strategies that get to the core of your customers’ underlying requirements and desired outcomes.

As a way of shaping your approach our Personalised Consultations can put you on the road to giving you a complete picture of your customers’ desires, needs and concerns allowing you, with our help, to find a path towards a tailored and enhanced approach to customer service.  

“When it comes to customer experience there are loads of experts that talk a good game, but Emma helps you make it happen. She truly believes in driving both the measurement aspect of NPS, and the continuous improvement programme which stems from listening to your customers. She has delivered real value to us as a business and to our customers.”

Dave ManningGiacom

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