We’ve been using our time wisely over the lockdown period and have come back bigger, better, and more focused than ever. As the industry slowed, we used the opportunity to continue working behind the scenes to refine our service offering, introduce new services, and show display them on our refreshed website.

It’s fair to say, Covid-19 has seen businesses and organisations up and down the country take a serious hit in more ways than one recently. But through furlough schemes, bounce back loans, and the ability to work from home, many have been able to adjust and adapt. But for many smaller businesses, it’s been an anxious period. Yet one that’s allowed time for taking stock, modifying, and making changes for the future – and that’s certainly been the case for Xperior.

Expanded and streamlined

Though Xperior started life back in 2017 as a mystery shopping company, over the last 3 years, we’ve grown to offer plenty of services to help businesses deliver exceptional customer service. While our Mystery Shopping service remains one of our main services, we have the capability to do much more to help businesses increase their profits and improve efficiencies across other key areas.

We’ve expanded our Social Media Monitoring service to give you stats, comments, feedback, and reviews about your business from over 50 social media platforms. All accessed from one easy to use dashboard, this gives you data-led analysis with tangible feedback and reporting so you can take positive action to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Plus, our Customer Service Training is now more streamlined. Based on process improvements across your business, we can train your staff to excel in all areas of customers service, or even just in specific areas, helping you enhance your customer relationships while improving your overall customer experience.

New and improved

Our Customer Insights & Planning service builds on our previous customer survey service and now includes more in-depth analysis and reporting too. This helps you to really understand your customers and their wants and needs while giving you the foundations to increase your sales and service performance.

And our Operation Process & Consultancy service now digs even deeper into your business. With our full on-site consultation, we’ll take an in-depth, first-hand look at your processes before giving you a personalised review. Helping you to uncover any underlying issues, we can identify improvements using root cause analysis to improve efficiency and productivity.

We’ve also introduced a new service for you too. Our Contact Centre Services will see Xperior train our own teams to become an extension of your own. Helping to reduce average call handling time during out of hours or high volume periods, and reduce repeat callers and increasing first call resolution, alongside other support, this new, flexible service is designed to help you in the areas you need it most, whenever you need it.

Get in touch

As well as using our time to refine and expand our services, you might have noticed a few changes on our website too. Giving it a visual refresh and revamp, you’ll also see clearer messaging and more in-depth content about each of our services, and how they’ll help your business.

So through turbulent times, and as we continue to live and work in the ‘new normal’, we’re back and raring to go. So get in touch with us today and tell us what you need, so we can help your business find a deeper customer connection and transform your customer experience.

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash