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Why are Customer Satisfaction Surveys so important?

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a valuable way to identify ways to improve customer experience and to monitor its success. When conducted as part of a broader process of assessments including Mystery Shopping and Social Media Monitoring, surveys allow you to assess the performance of your business by going directly to your customers and giving them a voice.

So what are the main benefits of conducting surveys?

Reasons to conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys give you access directly to the views, desires and concerns of your customers. Surveys can provide the information that you can use to improve aspects of your customer service. The act of conducting them, of asking your customers for their opinions, is also a great way of making them feel like they are valued. The reasons for conducting surveys can by broke down into four main areas:


Surveys can give you access to the opinions of a large number of your customers, allowing you to enable you to chart the opinions of a broad spread of people. Because surveys ask the same questions of everyone, they give you the ability to compare the responses. Surveys are a great opportunity for you to explore your client base and to scientifically focus on the details that matter to both you and to your customers.

Surveys give you access to the information you need to know.


Surveys help you to keep in contact with your existing customers. The act of conducting surveys is a clear sign that you are engaged with your customers and you’re interested in what they have to say. By showing this interest, and by reacting to any issues your customers might have, you increase the chances of them returning in the future.

Conducting surveys is a great way of keeping customers.


When constructed well, surveys can result in information that can transform your services. The construction of a survey and the types of question you ask will change the detail and form of the responses you receive. These can range from simple yes or no questions to ones that invite open ended answers (more on this in a future blogpost). But it is the way you react to the answers that is crucial. Your services can change and develop based on the actual desires and concerns of the people who are actually receiving them.

Surveys allow you to get to the heart of what your customers think, and to react accordingly.

Building a Community

More than simply a way to gather information, surveys can, therefore, foster a positive connection with your customers that can lead to them recommending your services to others. This will be based on the view that you are a business that listens, cares and reacts to the people you are serving. By listening to their opinions and taking appropriate action based on their responses, you can create a set of relationships between yourself and your customers that become a community.

Surveys can be at the heart of forming a positive relationship between you and your clients.

It should be clear by now that Customer Satisfaction Surveys can be a great way to learn from your customers, to give you the information to improve and to focus and build on your strengths. It is also a way to build a relationship with your clients – to both retain them and to encourage them to refer you to others.

When conducted in conjunction with our Mystery Shopping, Social Media Monitoring and Customer Service Training services, conducting surveys, expertly designed with our help, will ensure you are fully prepared to develop and improve your customer service. Get in touch for more about how we can help.