Mystery Shopping

 Your key to developing efficient and streamlined customer experiences

When you’re operating a public-facing business, sales and profits are crucial to your success. To help you get there, you have to understand your customer’s needs and problems from their point of view. So you can see the bigger picture and improve your customer service experience, Xperior provides a series of mystery audits to help you.

Xperior have provided invaluable feedback along with a fantastic service. The customised reporting makes it simple and efficient to quickly analyse and address feedback. We highly recommend mystery shops for all businesses!

Simon Wright

How do we do it?

Through a range of covert and recorded techniques, we can carry out direct evaluations of your customer experience. By discussing your requirements, we’re able to carefully curate an individual process to meet the specific challenges of your business, from staff engagement with your customer to consistency of customer service and more. These can include:

  • Location report visits to feedback on an entire customer experience
  • Covert video visits to identify interaction, compliance, or safety issues
  • Real-time telephone visits to determine customer service performance
  • Social media visits to discover customer interaction consistency

Who does it?

The shape and nature of any mystery service is down to you, but the mystery shoppers chosen for you can vary in age, gender, and location. Some shoppers may arrive individually, while others may turn up as a couple or a family. We can also offer tech devices, including hidden photographic or video cameras, to suit your requirement.

Whatever you need, the results will give you a better understanding of your performance and any factors that may be affecting it, as well as helping you make informed business decisions based on real data.

What happens next?

Following the mystery visit, feedback is usually available with three working days. You’ll be able to track the results on your personal customer experience dashboard – an online system the centralises the results from all our services.

Whatever challenges your business is facing, our team will plan and deliver a detailed assessment of your company, as seen by your customers. You’ll also receive feedback to assess the performance of your business and increase your customer experience success.

Contact us today to discuss what you need from a mystery shopping visit and transform your customer service experience. Tell us what you need help with, and we’ll be in touch.