Mystery Shopping

The key to developing a robust and honed customer experience

Whether you want to uncover how your franchises are reflecting the values of your brand or how well your shops are serving your customers; if you’re in need of a mystery diner to tell you how successfully your restaurants are meeting the needs of your customers, then we can help you find the answers.

  • Report mystery visits
  • Covert video mystery visits
  • Telephone mystery visits
  • Recorded telephone mystery visits
  • Social media mystery visits

As part of a complete set of customer experience services, Mystery Shopping is the foundation, allowing you to assess the performance of your business from the perspective of the customer. Through our range of services with Mystery Shopping at their heart, we can provide you with a complete and detailed assessment of the success of your company from the perspective of the customer.

Mystery audits are the starting point of a broader process. We start by meeting with you to discuss your requirements. Any solutions to your customer service issues are carefully crafted and tailored to the specifics of your business.

Our mystery shoppers vary in age, gender and location, they can come individually or as a family, whatever you need to suit your situation. The shape and nature of our service is entirely down to you. We can also offer technological solutions – hidden cameras or photographic evidence, ideal for mystery dining.

Following the visit, feedback is usually available within three working days and you can keep track of your results on your bespoke customer experience dashboard, an online system that centralises the results from all our services.

Our Mystery Shopping provides you with a deep and complete view of how your customers really feel about your business. We offer a 360 degree service from consultation through auditing to customer service training. We will ensure that no matter what issues your business is facing, you will be left with a roadmap in place to customer experience success.

“Xperior have provided invaluable feedback along with a fantastic service. The customised reporting makes it simple and efficient to quickly analyse and address feedback. We highly recommend mystery shops for all businesses!”

Simon WrightMalhotra

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