Live Shopper

Increase your customer engagement with instant rewards for instant feedback.

In any public-facing business, your customers are the key to your success. Giving them the opportunity to tell you how they feel about the customer experience you offer them, is the only way to improve it. The Xperior Live Shopper service can help you measure customer experience and satisfaction in real-time, giving you instant data, insights, and feedback.

We have recently started working with Emma and the team at Xperior and so far the experience has been great. We’ve gained great insight into what our customers think about the way we work, which has helped us make some process improvements.

Kev Richardson
Complete Material Handling

How do we do it?

Using the Live Shopper smartphone plug-in, your own app is enhanced to increase engagement by giving customers the chance to complete a short survey for feedback about their experience. It’s market research and consumer insights tech all rolled into one, with the results helping you in a number of ways, including:

  • Measuring customer satisfaction and experience
  • Track operational standards
  • Collect competitor information to give crucial operational insights
  • Increase brand awareness and customer retention

How does it work?

Using location geofencing, your customers are alerted on their smartphone whenever they enter a store location. They’re then able to complete one or more short surveys and are given instant rewards for taking part. Both the rewards you offer and survey quantity are your choice and you have the flexibility to change them at any time.

Xperior are then able to quality-control every response, collect and analyse the data, and give you the crucial insights you need. We can help you make better, more informed, business decisions based on real-time customer feedback, all to improve your customer experience and increase engagement and retention.

Contact us today to discover how Live Shopper can help you transform your customer service experience. Or watch the live demo now and get in touch for more information.