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Improve your Customer Service with a Mystery Audit

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Great customer service should be the foundation of any business, in any sector. Achieving the unbiased and structured feedback you need to help you shape and improve your customer’s experience can be difficult. This is when a Mystery Audit can help you – but what is it and why should you use it?

What are Mystery Shoppers?

We’ve all heard of mystery shoppers: people being paid to pose as real customers, testing the levels of customer service and then reporting the information back to the business. These ‘shoppers’ are typically used for the retail sector, being asked to carry out specific tasks in store, online or over the phone.

But mystery shoppers aren’t only used for the retail sector. The process can be successfully put into practice whatever industry you’re in – from licensed trade or leisure, private or public sector, to hospitals and healthcare. By opting for a full Mystery Audit, using objective and neutral Mystery Auditors, you will get the targeted detail you need in every area. This will help you deliver those exceptional customer experiences.

Emotion-based feedback

Direct customer feedback is essential for any business and should be actively encouraged. Using the likes of TripAdvisor, TrustPilot, social media, and customer surveys, every business is well served to receive and act upon any comments left by their customers.

Taking all these comments on board often involves lots of internal questioning to find out exactly what happened during a customer’s visit so any necessary changes can be made. The problem with general feedback on this level is that it’s based on customer emotion, and that might not give a true representation of your business.

If you run a restaurant, a customer might be so angry about the terrible service they have received that they’ll say the food was terrible as well, even though it may well have been excellent. Alternatively they may be so taken with the excellent food, they won’t say how terrible the service was. Positive or negative emotions  can cloud the overall judgement of a customer.

Fact-based insights

At Xperior, our Mystery Audits remove the element of emotion. We can give you impartial and logical feedback from start to finish. All our Mystery Auditors are trained to assess your service and answer specific score-based questions based on fact.

They’ll evaluate the qualities of your customer service team, providing in-depth feedback, and an unbiased and accurate summation of the service they receive. Once our auditor visit is complete, we analyse the results. We look at areas where you may be over or underperforming, and for trends at both individual and company level.

Your business could benefit from this feedback straight away. With regular monthly Mystery Audits to give a more complete picture over a longer period of time, we make our recommendations for changes to your business based on the results, giving you the opportunity to make improvements in specific areas.

It’s all about relationships

If you want customers to shout about your service, become advocates for your business, and build long standing customer relationships with you, you need to deliver the highest levels of customer service that genuinely exceeds their expectations. And we can help you do it.

When you need a team to design a bespoke programme that gains a deeper insight into what drives your customers, call Xperior today on 0333 987 4335 or email us at

About the author

Emma Carmody is Managing Director of Xperior Ltd. With over 18 years’ experience in management across different sectors, Emma takes a proactive approach to customer service, using data and analysis to shape bespoke customer service programmes.