Customer Service Training

A step in your journey towards optimised customer service experiences

Once we have tested, measured, assessed, analysed and presented our findings following our rigorous Customer Experience audits, we can provide tailored and extensive training. Alternatively, if you simply want to top-up the customer service skills in your business, we offer general training.

  • Training based around your customers’ needs
  • Helping your employees excel
  • Protecting your brand and your reputation
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Our training will cover the topics you need to know about how to improve your team’s customer service skills including how to best interact and communicate with your customers, how to manage complaints and how to resolve conflict in a customer service environment.

Your employees are on the front line of your company, so it is vital that they have the tools they need to represent you and your brand by upholding the best customer service possible. Our training thoroughly unpacks customer service best practice, giving your employees the insight and the practical experience they need to effectively deliver top-quality customer service.

The importance of high quality customer service cannot be overstated. Providing a high level of customer service is a pivotal concern in any business, and passing that drive towards optimum customer service to your employees is crucial. Customer Service Training is an essential step in the journey towards meeting these high standards.

“Xperior have provided invaluable feedback along with a fantastic service. The customised reporting makes it simple and efficient to quickly analyse and address feedback. We highly recommend mystery shops for all businesses!”

Simon WrightMalhotra

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