Customer Insights and Planning

Data to understand your customer’s needs to drive growth and deliver results.

In any industry, turnover and profits only tell half your story. Customer satisfaction is key, and that can tell you everything else you need to know. By analysing your customer feedback, Xperior uses real data to gain crucial insights into their needs and behaviour. Our results will give you a clear strategy to deliver on what your customers expect from customer service – and what they’re actually getting.

Having worked with Emma in the past and the successes we achieved within delivering a step change improvement to our NPS at Eclipse/KCOM, I had no hesitation contracting her to set-up our customer experience project at Giacom.

Dave Manning

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How do we do it?

When using customer experience surveys, you’re able to target real customers who can give you real answers to questions about your customer service experience. By discussing your challenges, goals, and objectives with you, we’ll compile and analyse your responses and give you a full summarising report with easy to interpret graphs, helping you to:

  • Understand who your customers are and their expectations
  • Discover how they really feel about their experience
  • Adopt a more positive approach to customer service to gain and retain customers

To ensure your customer experience surveys uncover the most relevant data, we recommend no more than six questions. These should include one key metric to assess customer success, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES) – all critical when assessing the performance, improvement, and loyalty of your customers.

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If you need more information on creating a customer experience survey to give you the insights you need, get in touch.

Your customer insights will give you a complete picture of your customer’s wants, needs, and concerns. Using our complete, analytical, and data-led process, the results will help you identify areas for improvement as well as areas that are working, understand the metrics, and look for key trends.

Combined, they’ll help you make better decisions and develop your customer service experience.